15 Exterior Paint Colors to Help Sell Your Home

15 Exterior Paint Colors to Help Sell Your Home

Color plays a huge role in what we think about a home. If you are having trouble selling your home or want to sell it for a much higher price, it might be best to paint the exterior of your house. Take advantage of the following exterior paint colors to boost curb appeal and get your home sold in no time.

1. Off-White

If there is one color that never goes wrong, it is off-white. It suits just about all types of weathers and settings. The color of the exterior of your home can either make or break the perception of your home. Off-white provides a traditional look which most families prefer.

2. Yellow

Ever looked at postcards of Sweden? You will notice those beautiful yellow homes. They are perfect for homes that are located in the north of the country where the winter can take a toll. By painting the exterior of your home yellow, you get to breathe life into it. Potential buyers will enjoy looking at a bright yellow home.

3. Light Blue

Add a cozy touch to your home by painting its exterior light blue. It will give it a fresh touch and enhance the architectural elements of the house. Besides, light blue is known for its tranquil qualities. Prospective buyers will be taken aback by the calmness it will exude.

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4. Gray

Gray is a staple in modern homes. To renovate your home and give it a contemporary touch, you can opt for gray. It is the perfect exterior paint color that will help you sell your house in record time.

5. Taupe

If you want to follow the natural trend, taupe is a color that does not disappoint. It has become a popular choice when it comes to neutral exterior colors.

6. Putty

Bring warmth to your home with putty. It is an exterior paint color that blends in perfectly with the natural surroundings.

7. Blue Gray

With blue gray for the exterior, you get to create a serene vibe that will not go unnoticed. Prospective buyers love the nautical feeling of deep blue gray.

8. Wheat

Wheat is the perfect mix between yellow and white. It is a clean and warm color that looks simply beautiful.



9. Green

The color green is linked with creativity. It is one of the best exterior paint colors that help you sell your home in record time.

10. White

White is a timeless exterior paint color that allows you to renovate your home with minimal effort.

11. Brown

Brown is an excellent exterior paint color that offers a dark and earthy tone to your home. It makes a solid statement on the house market.

12. Red

The color red is associated with cheerfulness and boldness. Prospective buyers who possess those qualities or are actively looking for them will want to get their hands on your house.

13. Light Blue

Light blue is a youthful color that boosts excitement and energy. It can also help increase the sales price of your home.

14. Orange

Orange is the perfect exterior paint color as it gets your house noticed.

15. Light Brown

Light brown mixes well with natural surroundings. It is light-hearted and intense at the same time.


Once you have gone over this post, you will know which exterior paint color to select to get your house sold.

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