What to Expect from a Professional Painter

What to Expect from a Professional Painter

When you look for a professional to meet your painting needs, you should know what to expect and what credible services offer.


You want quality results, and that’s what a professional painter provides. An amatuer might leave flakes, bumps, or rough and uneven strokes. Armed with knowledge and proper technique, a professional painter delivers a polished look that will last for years. They have experience in equipment, paints, and surfaces.

If you’re not sure whether to hire a painter, ask questions. What type of paint do they recommend? What equipment are they going to use? A professional should be able to explain their reasons for using a certain paint or tool.


Professionals perform a walk-through of your house. They will ask lots of questions about your expectations, making sure which surfaces you do and do not want to be painted. Get specific. You’ll receive a more accurate estimate for the job if expectations are clear. Based on your and their schedule, they provide a time-frame in which they will complete the project.

During a walk-through, a professional brings any structural concerns to your attention as well. If they don’t have the expertise to fix issues that could cause water damage and affect the paint job, they will recommend a credible service that can.



Any professional painter should be able to provide insurance and license information. This protects both you and them in the case of an accident during the painting process.

Color & Paint Advice

Paints differ depending on your needs. You don’t use the same kind of paint for exterior and interior work. Weather conditions make a difference too. A professional will give you advice on which paint you need for your specific situation.

They also give color advice. They know which colors clash, how light and dark shades affect the mood of a room. If you plan to put the house on the market, a professional can tell you what colors are currently trendy among buyers.


Prep & Clean-up

A professional doesn’t just paint. They make sure the walls are prepped before they start. This means washing the walls, sanding, or patching holes if necessary.

Professionals keep their work area clean as much as possible during the painting process. Whatever messes they make, they clean up along the way. A good painter protects surfaces, applying covers and tape to avoid drips and splatter.

After they complete the project, a professional takes care of all clean-up. They dispose of paint, remove tape, clean up spills or drips, and apply touch-ups as needed.

Know What You’re Paying For

So before you hire a professional painter, consider these general expectations. Ask lots of questions. Make sure you know what you’re paying for. How will they prep the walls? Do they have insurance? How much experience do they have? Having these expectations in mind will help you determine if a painter is really professional or not.

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